Repeat Task constraints

Repeat tasks may have constraints or advantages due to overlapping schedule allowances or batch run efficiencies etc.

PRETTI chart has these constraints:

duration constraints

durationmax_concurrentMaximum Concurrent TasksThe maximum number of a specific activity that can operate at the same time and indefinitely.
durationmax_run_timeMax Run TimeA constraint of a maximum time a batch can run before a break.
durationmax_tasks_per_runMax Tasks per RunA constraint of a maximum number of times a task can be repeated without a break.
durationmax_overlap_pctPercent Maximum OverlapA decimal percentage (0 to 1) of maximum amount of overlap between concurrent operations of same activity.

Empty values get defaults:

  • Unlimited concurrent tasks.
  • No forced breaks.
  • Unlimited tasks per run.
  • No overlap. Overlapping doesn't happen when there are unlimited concurrent tasks.

cost and eco2 constraints

Sometimes there are cost or other efficiencies when tasks are batched.

costmax_discount_pctMax Discount PctMaximum Discount for batch (contiguous) runs. Expressed as a percentage of a run without discounts equals 0 (0%).
eco2max_reduction_pctMax Reduction PctMaximum Reduction for batch (contiguous) runs. Expressed as a percentage of a run without reductions equals 0 (0%).