Name TitleDescriptionComment
cobbler-chartsCobbler Chartsabout xdcpm Cobbler charts
demosDemo siteslist of hosted demos
donateDonate to XDCPM projectways to donate
downloadDownloaddownload releases
how-to-pretti-itHow To PRETTI itHow to PRETTI
pretti-chartsPRETTI Chartsabout PRETTI charts
repeat-task-constraintsRepeat Task constraintsabout constraints available for repeat tasks
task-performance-dataTask Performance DataWhat is task performance data, how it is represented
pie-chartsXDCPM Pie Chartsabout xdcpm pie charts
xdcpm-developmentXDCPM app development projectabout XDCPM web app development project
xdcpm-processXDCPM processHow to perform eXtra Dynamic Critical Path Method (XDCPM)