How To PRETTI it

XDCPM has four input table types:

  • p1 scenario,
  • p2 task network,
  • p3 task template, and
  • dc distribution curve.

Only p1 and p2 are required.

p1 specifies a scenario's parameters and optionally sets defaults for p2.

p2 specifies tasks and their dependents. p2 values (if not blank) override p3 values and p1 defaults. Additionally, If an activity references min/med/max values and a dc (distribution curve), the distribution curve is used.

p3 is default template activities (activity types) that can be used in p2. p3 values override p1 defaults, providing a way to customize defaults through typing. For example, three activities in p2 can refer to the same p3 activity type, thereby saving having to repeat data entry 3 times.

Scenario consists of parameters for the estimate. Optionally, default values for tasks may be set also. All the tables and parameters are listed in the package documentation and at: /doc/accounts-finance/pretti-tables

Scenario (p1) only requires a reference to which task network (p2) to use.

The task list only requires task references and their dependents to build a PRETTI chart. For traditional CPM, duration values must be included.

How to create a table

Browse to the PRETTI app.

To create any of the tables, click "New" button. Paste data from a spreadsheet or other source. Then, click "Save" button. Verify that the data is consistent ie in the proper columns and there are no missing cells. Edit the table as needed. Each edit creates a new version, so one can revert to a previous version if needed, or create variations of tables and refer to table_ids instead of names.

The app assigns the table type (p1,p2,p3,dc) automatically.

How to PRETTI it

To create a PRETTI chart, click on a scenario (p1), then click "process" to create a background job.

After a few seconds, a PRETTI chart (p4) table will appear in the file list. If there are errors, click on the scenario to view the errors.

p5 and p6 tables are output "audit" tables, if a user wants more detail.

An alternate workflow description is at PRETTI Workflow.