Donate to XDCPM project

Is this software or process useful?

Please consider contributing directly to the on-going open-source development of XDCPM.

Ways to contribute

Contribute to OpenACS --the web-application framework that XDCPM runs on.

Post bugs with XDCPM to the appropriate repository at or to Software discussion forum if you are unsure. XDCPM bugs usually go with

Publish documentation or report about the XDCPM process or how you are using it. Want feedback on a draft? Post to the appropriate forum.

Is something else you want to coordinate with or contribute? Contact project admins or post in a forum.

Help pay for project resources, such as hosting of this site and any accompanying demo sites, administrative fees associated with registering and operating a nonprofit, books and access to local experts for research and consulting on keeping up to date on any related techniques etc.

International donors may prefer to send bitcoin or other crypto coin. Contact us with your coin preference and we'll email an account number.

Other ways to contribute

Provide feedback from using the XDCPM app and letting others know of its usefulness. If you do this, you are providing an invaluable service. Thank you.