Application Workflow

The purpose of the application is to facilitate workflow using tabular data.

To create a table from the app url /accounts-finance/pretti,

  • click the New button.
  • Fill in the form.
    • Name becomes the tail part of the url as in /accounts-finance/pretti/{name}
    • Title becomes the title of the table's page.
    • Comments is a place to store optional comments on the page displaying the table and list of tables.
    • Contents is where the table is defined. Set the first row to a list of titles. Subsequent rows contain data. Most any common delimiters may be used to separate fields, so long as they are consistently applied.
  • Click Save button to save the table.
  • If the system recognizes the table as a type, the type will be displayed in the Type column. Tables can be edited. Prior revisions are automatically moved to Trash, where they may be recovered using Untrash.

If a table is a process specification, such as a PRETTI Scenario (p1), a process button will appear in the menu with specification's view when the table meets minimum process requirements. Click the Process button to begin a process that results in some process output, usually one or more tables also.